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Pratt & Whitney JT8D

The Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine was introduced by Pratt & Whitney in February 1964 with the inaugural flight of the Boeing's 727. Today, the eight models that comprise the JT8D standard engine family cover the thrust range from 14,000 to 17,400 pounds and power 727, 737, and DC-9 aircraft. More than 11,800 JT8D engines have been produced.

A modern derivative, the -200 series, covers the 18,500- to 21,700-pound thrust range and powers the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. Since starting service in 1980, more than 2,900 -200 series engines have been produced.

The JT8D also powers some military 707s and JointSTARS and AWACS surveillance aircraft, and has been adapted to a variety of other uses.