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Port Alberni, British Columbia

Port Alberni, British Columbia is a city located in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The city has a total population of 19,531.

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2 History
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4 Famous Persons


Port Alberni is located at 49 6' North, 124 29' West (49.110, -124.49). Port Alberni is located within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni Inlet, on Vancouver Island. The other end of the inlet is located on Barkley Sound, Clayoquot Sound.


The first European settlers in the area were with the Anderson Company (a sawmilling company) from London, England in 1860. The original mill failed but several others were established in the 1880s. Port Alberni was incorporated in 1912.

Port Alberni's main industries were once mining and logging, but today the town is also reinventing itself as a major tourist destination for those who enjoy outdoor recreation.


Port Alberni is located near Pacific Rim National Park. The city is also known for its fishing. Its waters contain five different species of salmon. Halibut can also be found in the salt water inlets near the city.

Famous Persons

The first (and only) female prime minister of Canada, Kim Campbell, was born in Port Alberni. The only other person of note from Port Alberni is Brian Merwin, a corporate lawyer who has been extensively involved in class action civil suits against several large, fast-food companies.