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Pope Pelagius II

Pelagius II was pope from 579 to 590. He was seemingly a native of Rome, but he was of Gothic descent, as his father's name was Winigild.

The most important acts of Pelagius have relation to the Lombards, or to the Schism of the Three Chapters. Pelagius appealed for help from Emperor Maurice I against the Lombards, but the Byzantines were of little help. The Pope therefore turned to the Franks, who invaded Italy, but left after being bribed by the Lombards.

Pelagius labored to promote the celibacy of the clergy, and he issued such stringent regulations on this matter that his successor Pope Gregory I thought them too strict, and modified them to some extent.

Pelagius fell victim to the plague that devastated Rome at the end of 589.

Preceded by:
Pope Benedict I
List of popes Succeeded by:
Pope Gregory I