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Pokémon Green

Pokémon Green (Pocket Monsters Green) is a role-playing game, for the Game Boy.

Pocket Monsters Green is the counterpart to Pocket Monsters Red that was released in Japan on February 27, 1996. These two games started the entire Pocket Monster phenomenon and also brought new life into the Game Boy. The goal of the game is to defeat eight Gym Leaders and attempt to earn the right to be the champion of the Pocket Monster League. Thirteen monsters were not catchable in the Green version, they included Ekans (Aabo), Arbok (Aabokku), Oddish (Nazonokusa), Gloom (Kusaihana), Vileplume (Rafureshia), Mankey (Mankey), Primeape (Okarizaru), Growlithe (Gaadi), Arcanine (Uindi), Ponyta (Poniita), Rapidash (Gyaroppu), Scyther (Sutoraiku), and Electabuzz (Erebuu).