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Pittsburgh accent

Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania have had a distinctive accent for quite some time, which is similar to the regional accent used throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and a small part of Maryland. The Pittsburgh accent is a combination of the German, Italian, Polish, Slovak, and other accents of the many European immigrants who came to the area to find work in the steel mills or associated industries. With the advent of mass media, along with an influx of technology industry workers, in recent years the accent has become markedly less pronounced among younger generations, though still definitely noticeable. Within the city, density of the Pittsburgh accent tends to be highest in the North Side area of Pittsburgh, and becomes radially less thick with distance from the North Side.

A hard Pittsburgh accent is characterized by: (incomplete; also, please feel free to translate to IPA)

In addition, there are numerous unique dialectic terms, such as:

Older idioms not used much among younger generations:

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