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Kennywood is an amusement park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, regarded by roller coaster connosieurs as one of the finest in the world. It features a number of old wooden rollercoasters still in working order, along with newer steel coasters and other rides.

Located in the Pittsburgh area, Kennywood began in 1898 as a trolley park that catered to local industrial workers and their families. From its origin as a working-class picnic destination, the park grew in the first half of the twentieth century into a popular entertainment site that combined technological thrill rides with recreation venues like swimming pools and dance halls. Today the park features a nostalgic atmosphere and is supported by a loyal local fan base.

After the 2000 season, the Steel Phantom roller coaster was heavily modified and all of the coaster's inversions were removed. The new refurbished coaster was then renamed Phantom's Revenge.

Current Roller Coasters: