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The Y-wing, built by Koensayr, is the slowest, most ungainly Rebel starfighter in the fictional Star Wars universe. In the movies, it is seen in both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. The craft carries two laser cannons, two ion cannons, and two proton torpedo launchers. An astromech droid, such as an R2 unit, plugs into a socket in the craft, to act as a copilot.

In the X-wing computer game series it is further explained that the Y-Wing was a relatively early design, explaining its slow speed and relatively poor manoeuvrability. However, in the games its deficiencies are partly compensated for by the heavy missile load it can carry, and its unique (until the introduction of the B-wing in later games) ability to paralyse craft with ion cannon fire without destroying them.

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