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Phoebe (computer)

The Phoebe PC (or RISC PC 2) was to be Acorn, Ltd's next generation RISC PC, slated for release in late 1998. Acorn, Ltd's successor to the Risc PC was nicknamed the "Phoebe 2100". On September 17, 1998, Acorn, Ltd announced the end of the workstations division (responsible for the RISC OS computers) and cancelling Phoebe: Risc PC 2.


233 MHz StrongARM (multiple StrongARMs support included) CPU
Upgradable daughter board
Four EIDE devices (6.4 Gb unit supplied)
IOMD2 and VIDC20+ chipsets
64 MHz front side bus
up to 512 Mb of SD RAM
4 Mb of VRAM
Monitor (1280 by 1024 pixels with 32,000 colours)
Two serial ports
Tower case (NLX specification; yellow curved front panel)
Trayless CD-ROM drive
5.25" drive bays
230 watt PSU unit.

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