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Philosopher Han Xiang

One of the Eight Immortals, Philosopher Han Xiang (韓湘子 in pinyin: han2 xiang1 zi0) or Han Xiang Zi, in Wade-Giles as Han Hsiang Tzu, was born Han Xiang in Tang, and his courtesy name is Qingfu (清夫 qing1 fu1). He is the nephew or grandson of Han Yu (韓愈 han2 yu4), a statesman. Han Xiang studied Taoism under Lü Dongbin. Once at a banquet by Han Yu, Han Xiang pursuaded Han Yu to give up a life of officialdom. But Han Yu was adamant that Han Xiang should give up his life of Taoism, so Han Xiang demonstrated the power of the Tao by pouring cups after cups of wine from the gourd with an end.

Because his flute gives life, Han became a protector of flautists.