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Philip the Apostle

Philip was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of John states (1:43) that he was called by Jesus to be his follower; that he introduced Nathanael (sometimes identified with Bartholomew) to Jesus. Other passages in the Gospel of John include: Jesus asking Philip (6:5-7) what it would cost to buy bread for five thousand men; Philip bringing some Hellenized Jews to see Jesus at their request (12:20-50); and during the Last Supper when he asked Jesus to see the Father (14:8-21).

The Christian writer Clement states (Strom. III.52) that Philip was married, had children, and one of his daughters was also married. Eusebius quotes (H.E. III.39) a story from Papias, bishop of Hieropolis, that he had heard from one of Philip's daughters.

According to later Christian tradition, after Jesus' death and resurrection Philip went about both preaching and working miracles. His travels took him to Galilee, Greece (where he established Narcissos as bishop), Azota, Syria, and Phrygia.

Eusebius quotes Polycrates, 2nd century bishop of Ephesus, who wrote that Philip was buried in Hieropolis with his virgin daughters, while another daughter was buried at Ephesus. In Phrygia, he was preaching together with Bartholomew, and through prayer killed a large serpent in a temple devoted to serpent worship, and healed many people of snake bites. The city governor and pagan priest caused Philip and Bartholomew to be crucified. While they were crucified, a large earthquake knocked everyone to the ground, and Philip prayed for everyone's safety. Seeing the earthquake abate, the people demanded that Philip and Bartholomew be released. Although Bartholomew survived, Philip, the city governor, and the pagan priest all died that day.

Philip's authority was invoked by the Gnostics, who ascribed to the apostle a number of works; for example, a Gospel of Philip forms part of the Nag Hammadi library.

The apostle Philip is sometimes confused with Philip the Evangelist, who appears in several episodes of Acts.