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Philip Segal

Philip David Segal was born in Essex, England in the 1960s. He emigrated to America in his teens where he became involved in the US television industry, first as a casting assistant and then as an literary agent.

In 1985 he became a Director of Drama Development at Columbia Pictures, and in 1990 he joined Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, where he quickly became Vice President of Amblin Television, overseeing the Production of such TV series as "Seaquest DSV", "Earth 2" and "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles".

It was while he was at Amblin that he first gained control over the creation of a new series of Doctor Who, working in conjunction with fellow English expatriate Peter Wagg (Producer of Max Headroom) to create the early drafts of what eventually became the Doctor Who Telemovie in 1996. It was his choice to cast Liverpudlian actor Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, and to bring back Sylvester McCoy as the seventh incarnation.

Philip Segal is currently an Executive Producer with his own company, Polestar, through which he has been a Producer on such series as "Earth: Final Conflict" and "Mutant X".

He has also Directed an episode of "Mutant X" and Directed/Written a direct to video movie "Hobbs End".