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Mutant X

Mutant X is a Marvel Comics featuring Havok, who was transported into a parallel dimension.

Mutant X is a television series that chronicles the adventures of Mutant X, a team of four human mutants possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these four New Mutants were altered in secret experiments conducted in a covert government project. There are those who want to control these New Mutants for their own purposes. Only Mutant X stands in their way. The mission of Mutant X is to seek out their fellow New Mutants, help them come to terms with their abilities and protect them from those who want only to exploit their mutant powers.

There are 4 members of the Mutant X team. Shalimar Fox possesses both human and animal DNA, giving her the strength, speed and cunning of the animal kingdom. She is a Feline Feral who has the most common Feral weakness, a fear of fire. Jesse Kilmartin has the ability to alter his body's density, enabling him to pass through walls or to become as solid as a wall. Using this Molecular ability, he can only stay in his altered state for 7 to 12 seconds. Brennan Mulwray can generate extraordinary amounts of electricity. This ability is labelled Electric Elemental. His primary weakness is water. Emma deLauro, the newest on the team, is able to communicate and receive feelings with others. Her Psionic ability enables her to also plant thoughts in the minds of others, causing them to see or hear what isn't there.

The powers of these new mutants continues to evolve. For example, Emma has developed the ability to deliver a psionic blast that can disable.

The team is lead by Adam Kane, the strategist, tactician and moral center of Mutant X. It was his experiments that inadvertantly created the hundreds of New Mutants. It is now his responsibilty to save these innocent victims of society. It can be argued that he may be the smartest man alive, but he is not a mutant.

Mason Eckhart was formerly the head of security at Genomex, the corporate facade of the government agency that did the genetic experiments. He is now the head of the Genetic Security Agency (GSA). His mission is to hunt down the New Mutants that are out in the world. Eckhart blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin.

Gabriel Ashlocke was Patient Zero of the new mutants and may be the most powerful. As a child, Gabriel killed his parents with his mutant powers. He was the first new mutant that Adam worked on. The subdermal govenors and stasis pods used by the GSA were developed by Adam because of Gabriel.

The series is filmed in Toronto, Canada.


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