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Philip Gidley King

Captain Philip Gidley King, RN (1758 - 1808), born Launceston, Cornwall, England

Governor of New South Wales, Australia from 28 Sept 1800 to 12 Aug, 1806

First arrived in New South Wales with the First Fleet in 1788 serving under Captain Arthur Phillip. King had served with Phillip in the Channel Fleet in 1780 and was choosen by Phillip as second lieutenant on HMS Sirius.

Soon after arriving in Port Jackson Plillip chose King to establish a new settlement on Norfolk Island. He was promoted to Lieutenant Governor of Norfolk Island and latter to the rank of commander.

Whilst governor of New South Wales, King also governed Tahiti

Like John Hunter before him and William Bligh after him, King had difficulty with the military offices of the New South Wales Corps, their control of the courts and liquor trade.