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Phantom Blot

The Phantom Blot is a fictional figure from the Walt Disney Studios. He is an enemy of Mickey Mouse. He first appeared in the Mickey Mouse comic strip adventure Mickey Mouse Outwits The Phantom Blot by Floyd Gottfredson.

This was Gottfredson's only use of The Blot, but many artists and writers have furthered his story throughout the years. The Phantom Blot proved so popular, Disney even devoted a comic book series of seven issues (1964 to 1966) to his crimes. The Blot's first appearance in animation was in the Duck Tales episode All Ducks on Deck. Next he appeared in the Mickey Mouse Works segment which was based on the comic strips that he first appeared in, and most recently he appeared on two episodes of House of Mouse.

Along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, Super Goof, and Chief O'Hara have all encountered the Blot, and thus successfully tried to stop him. The Blot sometimes teams up with other bad guys like the Beagle Boys and Mad Madam Mim.

In European stories he is often presented as a more dangerous figure than the American version. While still trying to kill Mickey and his allies he has other agendas as well.

While still being a criminal he usually operates as the mastermind behind gangs rather that a common crook. He prefers pulling strings rather than being directly involved in many cases.

During his career he has gained large amounts of money and he has invested them in business. His relative wealth allows him to finance his ambitious plans.

He is a skillful hypnotist and occasionally uses this skill to force others to do his bidding. He has even ordered Mickey himself to act as a criminal in order to frame him. He has quite a talent in acting. The Blot often operates in disguise and has acted under various aliases and identities, adopting many different personalities to suit his parts. He has some scientific knowledge, mainly in physics, mechanics and biology, and has often used this in his plans. He has invented various devices he uses as weapons. He claims to be an artistic nature and has considerable skill in painting, which he uses to create forgeries of famous works of art. He later proceeds in stealing the original and leaving his copy behind.

He seems to have ways to get information about everything that is going on in the city and even from the police headquarters. His ways of persuading others to follow him include using their own greed, promising them means of revenge or blackmailing them. He seems to enjoy seducing citizens with no criminal records to act as his agents. He has a fairly good knowledge of psychology and is very skilled in spreading fear to his victims, causing them to doubt their relationships and in some cases even their own sanity. He often uses their vanity to turn them into pawns.

He is a master or escape. Even if the police do manage to capture and imprison him, which rarely happens, he is soon out again. Though he desires money and power his greatest lust is for fame. Some of his plans have no monetary gain for him but their purpose is to spread fear to the public, adding to his reputation. The Blot is himself very vain and his desire for money and power is only surpassed by his desire to immortalize his name in "the annals of crime". At times other criminals have impersonated the Blot but the original has never let any of this impostors operating for long. Any attempt at impersonating him infuriates him because he claims to be unique and he will not let anyone use his "glorified" name. He is still the most dangerous man in his universe.