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Disney's House of Mouse

The House of Mouse is a Disney cartoon show where Mickey Mouse and his friends run a cartoon club.

Various Characters from Disney animated TV shows and movies have appeared on House of Mouse. Most Disney characters have already or will appear on House of Mouse. Mickey Mouse owns the club and Minnie Mouse keeps track of the bills. Donald Duck greets the people there and Daisy Duck makes sure they have reservations. Goofy is the head waiter and Pluto is the mascot. Other employees include Horace Horsecollar who is the mechanical technician, Clarabelle Cow who is the gossip columnist, Huey Dewey and Louie who are a musical band and Gus Goose who is the chef and Max (who is Goofy's son) is the parking valet. There is a storyline of what goes on at the club along with some segments (Most of which are from Mickey Mouse Works).

House of Mouse was on One Saturday Morning on ABC, and now runs in syndcation on Toon Disney.