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Peter Kozler

Peter Kozler (February 16, 1824 - 1879) was a Slovenian lawyer, geographer, cartographer, politician and manufacturer, born in Koče, south of Kočevje, Austria-Hungary (now Slovenia). Some sources also allege he was of a German origin.

In 1854 Peter Kozler made the almanac Kratki slovenski zemljopis (Short Slovenian Geography) in which a red line as a national border of Slovenians was drawn. He is probably most famous for creating the first map of Slovenian regions in a scale 1:576000 Zemljovid Slovenske dežele in pokrajin (A map of the Slovenian Country and Regions), first published in 1853, later confiscated by the Austrian military authorities and available to public in 1861. Kozler was also imprisoned in 1864 for this reason by the Austrian-Hungarian authorities.

He died in Ljubljana.

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