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People Like Us

People Like Us is a British comedy programme, a spoof on-location documentary (or mockumentary) written by John Morton, and starring Chris Langham as Roy Mallard, an inept interviewer. Now a BBC2 TV series, it was originally a radio show for BBC Radio 4.

Following three series of 6 episodes each on Radio 4, only twelve TV episodes have been created so far (the same number as Fawlty Towers). Each episode features Roy Mallard interviewing a representative of a certain career/lifestyle in his inimitable manner, and follows their naive, humorous or satiric remarks to their illogical conclusion to great amusement. Even in the TV version Mallard is barely seen - he is always just out of sight and there are hints that he is distressingly ugly.

The style of the show shares a lot in common with such programmes as Brass Eye, The Day Today and This is Spinal Tap.

Mr Langham has since used this format in advertisements for the BBC's License Fee, and most recently, part of the Renault Megane advert, in which he describes the backside in his inimitable manner.

Apparently, John Morton was looking for an actor for quite a while, "someone like Chris Langham", but until someone actually suggested Chris Langham, the role of Roy Mallard was uncast. As a radio show, the programme has twice been named Best Radio Comedy at the British Comedy Awards.

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People Like Us is also the pseudonym of the musician Vicki Bennett; see People Like Us (musician).