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Penglai City (蓬莱市 Pinyin Pénglái), a subsection of Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.

Penglai is the northmost part of mainland Yantai and in central Yantai. Except Bohai Sea to the north, Penglai is entirely surrounded by Yantai: west of Fushan District, east of Longkou City, north of Xixia City. Its geographic coordinates are l20°35'-121°09' E, 37°25'-37°50' N.

374,400 Penglai citizens in agricultural industry, the rest 75,600 are in other sectors.

The city contains seven townships (镇), three qu (区), and five street offices (街道办事处):

Together, the three qu (zone, district, and area) co-exist with the costal Xingang Street Office.

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The mystical Penglai Mountain (蓬萊山) is sometimes also an island. It is often said tob be the base for the Eight Immortals, or at least where they travel to to have a famous (in painting) banquet. The latter story cause a slogan that a scenic region in Penglai City, Shanghai to be the arrival points of the Immortals.

Penglai Township (蓬萊鄉) is in Yilan, Taiwan.