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Peak Tram

Peak Tram

The Peak Tramway in Hong Kong is a cable car system that runs on rail. It is the oldest mechanical vehicle on Hong Kong Island. It is a commuter transport system as well as a tourist attraction.

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The Peak Tram's route is from Central to Victoria Peak, and it has 3 stops inbetween to serve local residents. The track is about 1,365 metres long and the tram takes 7 minutes to reach The Peak.

The lower terminus station is located in Central. The original building was rebuilt into St. John's building, with the tram terminus at the ground level. The upper terminus is located in the Peak Tower.



The Peak Tram is quick and safe since the tram is computer-controlled with an automatic system check on all safety devices before its journey begins. It is environmentally friendly as well due to its microprocessor-controlled electric drive system.

At various points along the path, the cars run at an angle over 30 degree. Few self-powered vehicles can climb such steep incline if not pulled by a cable. Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA is a similar cable car system.

Touristic interest

The Tram takes the shortest route up to The Peak and has the best views, including the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

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