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Peace of Cateau Cambrésis

The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis is an agreement reached between Elizabeth I of England and Henry II of France on April 2 and between Henry II and Philip II of Spain on April 3 1559, at Cateau-Cambrésis, around fifty kilometres south-east of Cambrai, that ended the Italian Wars.

France and the Hapsburgs had been in conflict for most of the previous sixty-five years, during which England had intermittently intervened on the side of France's enemies.

Under its terms, France restored Piedmont and Savoy to the Duke of Savoy, but retained Saluzzo, Calais and the bishoprics of Metz, Toul, and Verdun. Spain retained Franche-Comté.

The duke of Savoy married Margaret, the sister of Henry II of France, and Philip II of Spain married Henry's daughter Elisabeth.