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The PC-FX was NEC's 32-bit sequel to its TurboGrafx 16. The PC-FX only used CDs as opposed to the TG16's use of cartridges (it did have a CD peripheral, though). What's unusual about the PC-FX is its computer-like design. It stand upright like a tower computer while most other consoles lay flat. The controller resembled the Sega Genesis's in shape, only with more buttons. Another interesting feature was its 3 expansion ports, as expansion ports are relatively underused in consoles and therefore their inclusion increased the price without offering a great deal to the end user. In fact, only the first port was ever used on the PC-FX.

Also, the PC-FX was not designed to be a 3D system like most other 32-bit consoles. Rather, it focused on FMV (Full Motion Video) and 2D graphics.

The main genre of game released for this system was Japanese Dating Simulation games.