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Paul Reynaud

Paul Reynaud (born October 15, 1878, at Barcelonnette, France died September 21, 1966) was a French politician and laywer. He became Prime Minister of France in March 21, 1940 after Edouard Daladier was sacked, soon after the start of the Second World War. After the invasion of France by Germany he made Charles de Gaulle a member of the Cabinet.

He resigned soon after the occupation of Paris, in June 16 1940 and was replaced by General Pétain, who organised an armistice. He was arrested on Petain's orders and given to the Germans, who kept him prisoner until the end of the war.

After the war, he was a member of the French Chamber of Deputies and an opponent of de Gaulle's Fifth Republic.

Preceded by:
Edouard Daladier
Prime Ministers of France
Followed by:
Philippe Pétain