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Old Town of Passau

Passau is a town in Niederbayern, Eastern Bavaria, Germany, known also as the City of three rivers, because the Danube River is joined there by the Inn River from the South, and the Ilz River coming out of the Bavarian Forest to the North.

Its population is about 50,000, of whom 8,000 are students at the local University of Passau.

The University of Passau, founded in the later 1970s, is the extension of the (centuries old) Institute for Catholic Studies. It is renowned in Germany for its institutes of Economics, Law, Computer Sciences and Cultural Science.

Tourism in Passau focuses mainly in the three rivers, the old Cathedral -called "The Passau Dome" (Der Passauer Dom)- and the old part of the City called "The Old City" (Die Altstadt). Many river cruises down the Danube start at Passau and there is also a cyling path all the way down to Vienna.

An interesting fact is that the Inn is the largest river of the three meeting at the city, so that the Danube should really be called Inn from Passau on.

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