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Inn River

The Inn is a river in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It is a tributary of the Danube and 510 km in length.

The source is located in the Switzerland Alps above the Engadin region. It runs eastwards through the Austrian state of Tyrol and passes the border to Bavaria near Kufstein.

On Bavarian territory the river runs northwards and passes the cities of Rosenheim, Wasserburg and Waldkraiburg; then it turns east, runs through Mühldorf and Neuötting and is enlarged by two major affluents, the Alz and the Salzach.

From here to its border it forms the border between Germany (Bavaria) and Austria (Salzburg). Cities on this last section of the river are Simbach, Braunau and Schärding. In the city of Passau the Inn finally enters the Danube.