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Palau Guell

The Palau Güell is a palace in Barcelona designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí for the Catalan industrial tycoon Eusebio de Güell.

Palau Güell
Front entrance allowed horse drawn carriages to
enter the home through one door and exit through
the other.

It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The home is centered around a main room for entertaining high society guests. Guests entered the home in horse drawn carriages through the front iron gates, which featured a parabolic arch and intricate patterns of forged iron-work resembling seaweed and in some parts a horsewhip. Animals could be taken down a ramp and kept in the livery stable in the basement where the servants resided, while the guests went up the stairs to the receiving room. The ornate walls and ceilings of the receiving room disguised small viewing windows high on the walls where the owners of the home could view their guests from the upper floor and get a 'sneak peak' before greeting them, in case they needed to adjust their attire accordingly.

The main party room has a high ceiling with small holes near the top where lanterns were hung at night from the outside to give the appearance of a starlit sky.

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