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Ova Prima

בעיית הביצה והתרנגולת Ova Prima (OP) is a complicated web hoax (see also false document), purporting to be a research foundation over one hundred years old, dedicated to the scientific study of the Ova (egg).

Constructed history

The following is a summary of the constructed history of the world of Ova Prima.

"Although often controversial, this group has garnered support from a number of legitimate research universities. Support for OP often seems generated from the foundations' generous and sustained grant program for ovaprimatology related research."

"Ongoing strife over divergent interpretations of the Illampi clutch incident has led to possible fractures within this tightly focused research group. Although OP rebukes any connections, some believe that the radical Eggs First ovaprimationalist activist groups may stem from splits within the core OP organization."

"Regardless, OP still enjoys wide support in many academic and entertainment circles. Actor Gavin MacLeod and Oogeneticist scientist Frederich Blott are active members of OP's extensive outreach programes."

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