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Otto Lindblad

Otto Lindblad (1809-1864), was a Swedish composer. He is most famous for the musical score of Kungssången, the Swedish royal anthem.

Otto Lindblad was born on March 31, 1809, as the son of a clergyman and grew up on the patronage in Karlstorp. He went to upper secondary school in Växjö, and in 1829 he went to the Unievrsity in Lund. He would form a group with A. E. Christernin and J. Meurling, togeather with whom he played and sang a type of three part pieces, and the group became known as the "musical trefoil band". In 1836 Otto Lindblad had finished his studies and was ready to fully devote his time to music and two years later he formed the Student Singers Association of Lund. On December 5, 1844 he presented the Royal Anthem for the first time, at a celebration for King Oscar I.

In 1846 he undertook a national tour with the noted Lund Quartet. The tour's revenue was to have been used for student housing in Lund, but the profit was too small and they only managed to bring home 1500 Riksdaler. In the spring of 1847 he took up the position parish clerk and organist in Mellby, and eight years later he married Emma Andersson. Their only child, a daughter, died as an infant. Otto Lindblad died on January 26, 1864, at an age of 55 years, following a long period of illness.