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This is an article from the public domain Easton's Bible Dictionary, originally published in 1897.\nThis article is written from a nineteenth century Christian viewpoint, and may not reflect modern opinions or recent discoveries in Biblical scholarship.\nPlease help the Wikipedia by bringing this article up to date. Othniel - lion of God, the first of the judges. His wife Achsah was the\ndaughter of Caleb (Josh. 15:16, 17; Judg. 1:13). He gained her\nhand as a reward for his bravery in leading a successful\nexpedition against Debir (q.v.). Some thirty years after the\ndeath of Joshua, the Israelites fell under the subjection of\nChushan-rishathaim (q.v.), the king of Mesopotamia. He oppressed\nthem for full eight years, when they "cried" unto Jehovah, and\nOthniel was raised up to be their deliverer. He was the younger\nbrother of Caleb (Judg. 3:8, 9-11). He is the only judge\nmentioned connected with the tribe of Judah. Under him the land\nhad rest forty years. From Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897)