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Oriel College, Oxford

Oriel College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

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Founded in 1324 by Adam de Brome and given its charter in 1326 by Edward II, Oriel is the fifth oldest of Oxford's colleges, and the oldest college that doesn't habitually claim it is the oldest college. Its original name was 'The House of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Oxford', the name Oriel being used from about 1349 (its origin being unclear). In the 19th century Oriel was at the centre of the Oxford Movement. In 1902, Oriel incorporated nearby St Mary's Hall, which had been a separate institution. Nowadays Oriel is known as the last all-male college to admit women in 1985. It has a reputation for public school heartiness exemplified by its success in rowing.

Notable Former Students


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