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Omega Red

Omega Red (real name Arkady Rossovich ) is a comic book super villain in the Marvel Comics universe and a foe of the X-Men. His first appearance was X-Men #4 (vol. 2), published in 1992.


Omega Red is a deadly mutant who is not only superhumanly strong, but emits noxious pheromones that can kill people in his immediate vicinity. He also appears to have a superhuman regenerative healing factor similar to that of Wolverine and Sabretooth, but in Arkady's case this healing factor is not functioning properly for reasons outlined below.

By artificial means Omega Red had retractable carbonadium tendrils attached to his body which are similar to the tentacles of an octopus. The carbonadium (a fictional metal) was an attempt by the Soviet government to copy the metal alloy adamantium. Unfortunately, Arkady's body is trying to reject the metal and this is overtaxing his superhuman immune system and threatening to kill him.

At some time in the past Omega Red's government decided that do to his uncontrollable and psychopathic nature he needed to be put in cryogenic freeze until a method could be found to control him. After the fall of communism in Russia he was released by the clan of ninjas known as the Hand. Omega Red was lead to believe that Wolverine knew the whereabouts of the carbonadium synthesizer which could save Omega Red's life. Arkady sought him out in an effort to find this device and has come into conflict with the X-Men and Wolverine many times for this reason.

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