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Sabretooth is the name of a fictional character in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is a foe of the X-Men, Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man. His first appearance was in Iron Fist #14, published in 1977.

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Sabretooth is a mutant endowed with several superhuman attributes. These powers include a superhuman regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength, enhanced agility, and superhuman senses.

Sabretooth has a superhuman regenerative healing ability which means that his body can recuperate from injuries at a rate that is far beyond that of a normal human. For instance, he could heal from a shattered spine in a number of hours. He has survived having his throat torn out and his neck broken on many occasions. He is immune to toxins and poisons and does not suffer from fatigue. The healing factor has also extended his longevity.

Sabretooth is also superhumanly strong, being able to lift several times more than any Olympic weight lifter who has ever competed (at least 4000 lbs). Sabretooth has been observed in various comic book appearances doing things such as throwing a human body three stories straight up into the air and twisting dumbbells into pretzels. Mathematically, it would take an axial load of at least 3 tons to twist a dumbbell in such a way.

Sabretooth's reflexes and agility are enhanced slightly beyond the range attainable for a normal human being, but not to the degree of say, Spider-Man. This entails being able to perform gymnastic and acrobatic feats superior to that of any Olympic athlete who has ever competed, but still in a comparable range.

Sabretooth has superhuman senses and can track a person in a manner similar to a dog. He can also see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of light invisible to humans and can see in total darkness. His hearing is equally enhanced.

Sabretooth was also once given implants that made him even more powerful, but it is unknown if he still possesses them. At one time he had an adamantium skeleton but it has since been forcibly removed by the mutant, Apocalypse.

Sabretooth, though often irrational, is highly cunning and intuitive. He is one of the few villains of Daredevil who has deduced through observation that Daredevil is blind.

It is often inaccurately assumed by readers that because Sabretooth and Wolverine both have a superhuman regenerative healing factor and superhuman senses that the two are exactly the same in all other respects. In fact, Sabretooth is much stronger than Wolverine, but is not as intelligent or as skilled in the martial arts and so the two are about evenly matched.

Though powerful Sabretooth is often out-witted by weaker characters, further enforcing the assumption by many readers that he is not very powerful. Characters with no superhuman powers such Iron Fist and Daredevil have encountered and defeated Sabretooth by simply outsmarting him. Sabretooth often inadvertantly defeats himself, as when he tore Spiderman's webbing from his face (incapacitating himself) and punched Wolverine's unbreakable adamantium face at full force (breaking his hand).

Vital Statisitcs

Movies and Television

Sabretooth was portrayed by Tyler Mayne in the X-Men motion picture released in 1999. The character has also appeared in the X-Men and X-Men: Evolution animated series.