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Olaf III Guthfrithson

Olaf III Guthfrithson (died 941) ruled as Norse king of Dublin from 934 to 941. Guthfrith, his father, held both Dublin and York until Athelstan of England expelled him from York in 927.

Olaf married the daughter of Constantine II of Scotland. He also allied himself with Owen of Strathclyde. In 937, Olaf led his allies into battle against Athelstan, king of England, in the Battle of Brunanburh and was decisively defeated.

After Athelstan's death in 939, Olaf again invaded York the same year, forcing Athelstan's successor, Edmund, into a treaty which ceded to Olaf Northumbria and part of Mercia. He did not get to enjoy his new lands for long, dying just two years later in 941. He was succeeded by Olaf Cuaran.

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Olaf Cuaran


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