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Odal rune

The Odal rune (ᛟ) is a Germanic rune meaning 'Homestead'. It is associated with property and inheritance, wealth and prosperity.

Some variants of the glyph are identical with some variants of the Nalecz glyph.

The glyph is illustrated here both with and without the small serif-like lines at the bottom, as these are optional. The rune is encoded in Unicode - at codepoint U+16DF, and in their code charts it is shown without.

It is used as a Swastika-like emblem by extreme right-wing and and neo-Nazi groups, and was the emblem of ethnic Germanss (Volksdeutsche) of the Yugoslavian SS-regiment (the 7. SS Freiwillingen-Gebirgs -- Division Prinz Eugen) operating during World War II in the Nazi Germany sponsored Independent State of Croatia. It was also used by the South African African Student Federation.

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