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Independent State of Croatia

The Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH) was a Nazi puppet state, set up after the defeat of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II. It was proclaimed on April 10, 1941 by Slavko Kvaternik, deputy leader of the Ustaše.

The leader of the state was Ante Pavelić. The state included all of today's Bosnia-Herzegovina and most of Croatia, with Northern Dalmatia allocated to Italy, and Međimurje and southern Baranja annexed by Hungary. Its northern half was under the so-called German zone of influence (with the Wehrmacht making its presence), and the southern by the Fascist army. After the capitulation of Italy in 1943, Croatia acquired Northern Dalmatia (Split and Šibenik).

The State was officially a Kingdom with its ruler, Tomislav II, a Savoy. Most of its population was non-Croat (with Orthodox Serbs, Slavic Muslims, Germans and Hungarians making up a good bit), thus some historians scough at its ironic name. Furthermore, the state attempted to carry out a mass scale genocide trying to rid itself of some 2,2 million Orthodox Serbs and 100,000 other undesirables (Jews, Gypsies).

The Independent State of Croatia effectievly ceased to exist in May 1945, with the advance of Tito's partizan forces, joined by the Soviet Red Army. The Democratic Federal Yugoslavia came into being later that year, with the same teritory as the preceeding Kingdom..

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