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Number sign

Number sign is the Unicode preferred name for the glyph or symbol #.

It is so used in the United States and Canada, where No. would be used in the United Kingdom (and also Canada since the influence comes from both directions).

The number sign's Unicode value is 0023 in hexadecimal and its ASCII value is 23 in hexadecimal.

It has many other names (and uses) in English. (Those in bold are listed as alternative names in the Unicode documentation.)

The pronunciation of # as `pound' is common in the US which can cause confusion. The British Commonwealth has its own, rather more apposite, use of `pound sign. On British keyboards the UK pound currency symbol often replaces #, with # being elsewhere on the keyboard. The US usage derives from an old-fashioned commercial practice of using a # suffix to tag pound weights on bills of lading. The character is usually pronounced `hash' outside the US. There are more culture wars over the correct pronunciation of this character than any other, which has led to the ha ha only serious suggestion that it be pronounced `shibboleth' (see Judges 12:6 in an Old Testament or Tanakh).

In Hebrew, called:

In Portugal, called:

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