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Nuh (the Arabic pronunciation of Noah) is a prophet in the Quran.

He is listed as being the son of Lamak, and being born ten generations after Adam. His grand-father was the prophet Idris (Enoch), Nuh was known for preaching in the monotheism of God, but he was often ridiculed for this by his people who worshiped idols. According to Islamic tradition, Nuh had to endure a lot of abuse at the hands of his people, and yet he remained patient. Eventually God told him that the world would be flooded, and Nuh was tasked with building a boat and bringing all people who believed in God and a pair of every animal. He was joined by a few people, but one of his sons was missing. Upon completion of his ship, rain began to fall, and the Earth was eventually flooded; the rainfall supposidely fell for over 150 days. When the flood subsided, Nuh found himself on Mount Ararat. He supposidely lived for 950 years, and thus left a lot of sons and daughters.

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