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Norsk Data

Norsk Data was a (mini-)computer manufacturer located in Oslo, Norway.

The origins of Norsk Data go back to the development of computers at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment at Kjeller, Norway, where several early computers had been designed, such as the SAM and the SAM 2 aka FLINK.

The success of this program resulted in the founding of A/S Nordata - Norsk Data Elektronikk on August 8, 1967 by Lars Monrad Krohn, Per Bjørge and Rolf Skår. The company became a significant supplier of minicomputers to many research projects, in particular to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, where they were chosen to produce the computers for their Nuclear Accelerator Project.

Significant Norsk Data computer models include:

In addition to hardware, Norsk Data also produced a wide range of system and application software:

A point of note: the World Wide Web originated when Tim Berners-Lee wrote the Enquire program on a Sintran III mini at CERN.

After a long period of great success, the Norsk Data empire collapsed in the early 1990s, mostly due to not realizing the impact of the PC revolution (as well as the growing competition from UNIX-based workstations). Norsk Data technology was continued by Dolphin.

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