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Brett Gurewitz

Mr. Brett (born May 12, 1964) is a guitarist in 2-bands with Bad Religion and NOFX.

His first band Bad Religion founded in 1979 with Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson and Jay Bentley and issued the first album in 1981.

He first joined with NOFX in 1988 after Bad Religion put out Suffer in the year and NOFX released S&M Airlines as their first recording on Epitaph Records and issued in autumn 1989 and he retired with NOFX in 1992 to stay focus with Bad Religion.

In 2003, after Gurewitz's latest album in 2001 with The Process of Belief, he produced Rancid's new album which will be rumoured on August 26.

Also in 2003, Gurewitz started a new band called Error together with Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Greg Puciato. See the Error site.

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