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This article is about the English town. For other places named Newmarket or New Market, see New Market.

Newmarket is a market town in the English county of Suffolk, about 70 miles north of London, which has grown and become famous because of its connection with race horses.

King James I (reigned 1603 - 1625) made horse racing popular there and King Charles I followed this by inaugurating the first cup race in 1634. In 1967 Queen Elizabeth II opened the National Stud, a breeding centre for thoroughbred horses. The town also has a famous sale of bloodstock attended by big names in the business. The town also has a Horse Racing Museum and an Equine Centre for horse health. The town has special horse routes so the horses can reach the gallops safely and many training establishments occupied by top trainers. Hundreds of horses inhabit Newmarket. The gallops and surrounding heath is chalk downland and has special birds and animals only suited to this terrain. It is also a very historical area with the remains of 6th century living to be found.