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New York Knicks

The New York Knicks (or New York Knickerbockers) are a National Basketball Association team based in New York, New York.

Founded: 1946, as part of the Basketball Association of America
Formerly known as:
Home Arena: Madison Square Garden
Uniform colors: Blue and orange
Logo design: The words "NEW YORK KNICKS" above a basketball
NBA Championships:

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2 Players of note
3 Coaches and others
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Franchise history

The Knicks are one of only two teams of the original National Basketball Association that is still located in its original city (the other being the Boston Celtics). The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged in 1949 to form the NBA.

Players of note

Basketball Hall of Famers:

Not to be forgotten:

Retired numbers:

Current stars:

Coaches and others

Basketball Hall of Famers:

External Link

New York Knicks official web site