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The Neisse (Polish Nysa, German Neiße, Czech Nisa) is a name of a few rivers in Silesia.


  1. Lusatian Neisse (Polish Nysa Łużycka, German Lausitzer Neiße, Czech Lužická Nisa) - length: ca. 225 km or 140 miles on the Polish - German border. Rising in the NW of the Czech Republic it flows into the Oder near Gubin in Poland.
  2. Nysa Kłodzka - length: ca. 244 km or 159 miles. It rises in SW Poland to join the Odra near Brzeg.
  3. Nysa Szalona - length ca. 51 km, flows into Kaczawa river, which in turns flows into Odra.

Nysa is also a town in Poland, on the Nysa Klodzka river.

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In Greek mythology, the mountainous district of Nysa, variously associated with Ethiopia, Libya or Arabia by Greek mythographers, was the traditional place where the rain nymphs, the Hyades, raised the infant Dionysus, the 'god of Nysus.' Though the worship of Dionysus came into mainland Greece from Anatolia, the locations of the mythical Nysa are probably simply conventions to show that a magically distant chthonic land of myth was intended. The name 'Nysa' may even be an invention to explain the god's name.