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A necktie (usually just called a tie) is a piece of cloth hanging around the neck. It is usually a dress requirement for businessmen and probably the most common father's gift in the world.

A variety of neckties tied as if they were on a person. ()

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History of Neckties

In the 1700s, the court of London was seeking a new fashion. It came when an unnamed official noticed a Croatian mercenary who was dressed in the style of his profession at the time. This style included a handkerchief tied in a knot around the man's neck, similar to an ascot.

Inspired, the official began to tie a handkerchief around his neck as well.

In the 17th century, Louis XIV's Croatian regiment wore neck cloths: this provides the origin of the English word "cravat," from the French cravate, for "Croatian."

Modern Times

Vaudeville character actor with tie

Today, neckties are part of the formal clothing of males in both Western and non-Western societies, particularly in business. Generally it is a thick swath made from silk or cotton, and is tied around the collar with various knots, such as the Windsor knot. They have also found their way into the outfits of fashionably trail blazing females.

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