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Nat Turner

Nat Turner (October 2, 1800 - November 11, 1831) was a African American slave whose 1831 rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia was the bloodiest slave uprising ever in the United States.

Starting with a trusted few fellow slaves, Turner's force ultimately numbered more than 40 fighting men, both slaves and free Blacks, and most on horseback. They went from slave plantation to slave plantation killing every slave owner and their families, this included women and children.

The rebellion had started on August 21, 1831 and within 48 hours it was over. In that time the rebels had killed at least 55 people. Following his rebellion, Turner eluded capture for months. Finally, on October 30 he was discovered and arrested. On November 5, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to execution. He was hanged and skinned on November 11 in Jerusalem, Virginia.

In total, the state executed 55 Blacks suspected of having been involved in the uprising. In the aftermath, hundreds of Blacks, many of whom had nothing to do with the rebellion, were beaten, tortured and murdered by pro-slavery mobs.

Nat Turner is viewed as a heroic figure by a large number Blacks and by most all black radicals.

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