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The word Napier when used alone, has several possible meanings in the English language.

"Napier" is part of the name of the following people:

  1. John Napier, Mathematician
  2. The Right Honourable John Napier Turner, the seventeenth Prime Minister of Canada, June-September 1984.
  3. David Napier, son James Napier and grandson Montague Napier of the precision engineering business Napier & Son
  4. Sir Charles James Napier, British general
  5. Engineer Robert Napier, see Cunard Steamship Lines
  6. Sir Robert Napier, see Hormuzd Rassam
  7. Actor Alan Napier, who played Albert the Butler in the television series Batman, see also Lassie Come Home, Brian Forster
  8. Frederick Napier, Governor of New South Wales 1909-1913
  9. Sir William Napier, the historian of the Peninsular war
  10. Lord William John Napier, 9th lord Napier (1786-1834), British Navy officer, politician and diplomat

"Napier" is the name of several places in the world, including:
  1. Napier,_New_Zealand, and includes the Port of Napier.
  2. Napier Field, Alabama
  3. Napier Township, Pennsylvania

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