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Nankai University

Nankai University (pinyin: Nankai Daxue; simplified: 南开大学 traditional: 南開大學), located in Tianjin, is one of the leading universities in China. It is also the alma mater of the late Premier Zhou Enlai. Founded in 1919 by the renowned patriotic educationist Zhang Boling (1876-1951) and Yan Fansun (1860-1920), Nankai University is a member of the Nankai serial schools.

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Founded as a private institution, Nankai's scale was quite limited at the beginning, with only 3 departments (liberal arts, science, and business) and 96 students. However, by 1937, Nankai had expanded into a university of 3 colleges, 13 departments, and 2 research institutes, and boasted 429 students and 110 faculty and staff members. The famous Nankai Institute of Economics was established in 1927 and soon became a top economic research center in China.

In July 1937, during the Sino-Japanese War, Nankai campus was severely damaged by Japanese bombings. About two-third of school buildings were destroyed. In August 1937, Nankai University, Peking University and Tsinghua University united together and formed the National Changsha Provisional University, which later moved to Kunming and renamed as the National Southwest Associated University. In 1946, after the war, Nankai returned to Tianjin and became a national university. At that time, Nankai had four schools (Liberal Arts, Science, Political Science and Economics, and Engineering) and 16 departments.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Nankai was readjusted and became a comprehensive university with emphasis on arts and science.


As of the end of 2002, Nankai has 18 colleges and schools, and offers 67 bachelor's degree programs, 116 master's degree programs, and 75 Ph.D. programs. Nankai's mathematics, chemistry, history, and economics programs are among the best in China. The total enrollment stood at approximately 10000 undergraduate students and 6000 graduate students.

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