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Kunming (ch 昆明) is the capital of Yunnan province, China. It is located at the northern edge of the massive Lake Dian, in northern Yunnan, and has a population of over four million.

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2 Climate
3 History


Kunming is situated atop a 2km plateau in Yunnan Province. It enjoys a protected location with mountains surrounding the city on three sides.



Formerly known as Yunnanfu, Kunming had a rich history dating back some 2000 years. Marco Polo was known to travel to this area in the 13th Century and wrote about his fascination.

In the 14th Century, Kunming was taken over by the Ming. The Ming had built a wall surrounding the city that is the present Kunming.

In the 19th Century, Kunming suffered at the hands of the Sultan of Dali. Decades later Kunming had begun to be influenced by the West.