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Mutations (album)

Mutations is an indie rock album by Beck, released on November 3, 1998 (see 1998 in music). Though less successful on the charts than his breakthrough, Odelay, Mutations established Beck as a progressive and innovative artist, for his mixture of far-ranging musical genres, including tropicalia, bossa nova, country and blues.

Mutations peaked at #13 on Billboard's 200 album countdown, and at #6 on its Top Canadian Albums chart. "Tropicalia" peaked at #21 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks singles chart.

Track listing

  1. Cold Brains (Beck)
  2. Nobody's Fault But My Own (Beck)
  3. Lazy Flies (Beck)
  4. Canceled Check (Beck)
  5. We Live Again (Beck)
  6. Tropicalia (Beck)
  7. Dead Melodies (Beck)
  8. Bottle of Blues (Beck)
  9. O Maria (Beck)
  10. Sing It Again (Beck)
  11. Static (Beck)