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Mustafa II

Mustafa II was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1695 to 1703.

He was a son of sultan Mehmed IV and abdicated in favor of his brother Ahmed III in 1703. Mustafa sought to turn back the Austrian advance into his Empire and in 1697 took the field in person to reconquer Hungary. He was totally defeated at Zenta by Eugene of Savoy and this event led the Ottomans to seek peace terms. By the 1699 Peace of Carlowitz, Mustafa ceded Hungary and Transylvania to Austria, Morea to the Venetian Republic and withdrew Turkish forces from Polish Podolia. Also during this reign, Peter the Great captured the Black Sea fortress of Azov from the Turks (1697). Mustafa was deposed in favour of his cousin Ahmed III

Preceded by:
Ahmed II
Ottoman sultans Succeeded by:
Ahmed III