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Mehmed IV

Mehmed IV was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1648 to 1687. Known as Mehmed Avci (the hunter), outdoor exercise took up much of the time of this Sultan. His reign is notable for a brief revival of Ottoman fortunes led by the ruthless Grand Vizier, Mehmed Koprulu. Koprulu regained the Aegean islands from Venice and fought successful campagns against Transylvania (1664) and Poland (1670-1674) - at one point Ottoman rule was close to extending into Podolia and the Ukraine. A later vizier, Kara Mustafa was less able. Supporting the 1683 Hungarian uprising of Imre Tokoloi against Austrian rule, Kara Mustafa marched a vast army through Hungary and besieged Vienna. On the Khalenburg Heights, the Ottomans were utterly routed by the Imperial army (under Charles V of Lorraine) and the vengeful Poles led by their King, John III Sobieski. Kara Mustafa was strangled in Belgrade on Murad's orders, but it was not enough to save the throne for the Sulan who was deposed and imprisoned at Edirne near his favourite hunting grounds.
Preceded by:
Ibrahim I
Ottoman sultans Succeeded by:
Suleiman II