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Music sequencer

In the field of electronic music, a sequencer is a device that records and plays back control information for an electronic musical instrument such as a synthesizer.

Earlier analog music sequencers previously existed using the control voltage / trigger interface, but have now been replaced by digital sequencers for all practical purposes. A MIDI sequencer plays back MIDI events and MIDI control information at a specified number of beats per minute.

Many synth modules, such as the Korg Triton rack module, include a MIDI sequencer built into their design. There are also standalone MIDI sequencers, such as the Yamaha QY-70. However, most modern sequencers consist of a software package running on a personal computer.

Music sequencing software

Similarly, music can be sequenced in a sense using trackers such as ModPlug Tracker, and a drum machine can be viewed as a specialized music sequencer.